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10BHK.COM is a Property Management and Rental Service provider company founded in January 2019.

10BHK.COM is the only Rental Service Provider company in India to Introduce NO BROKERAGE formula in Real Estate business.

10BHK.COM deals as a Responsible Property Manager for the owners and a Hassle-free Rental Service Provider for the tenants.

Our Vision

To be Recognised as the Tenant's First Choice and a global benchmark for Property Management.

The Easiest way of execution

#No Brokerage #Customized Furnishing

Earlier if you have to book a flat on rent in Delhi, you should have a bulk of amount available in your account. Suppose the rent of your flat is 20,000 then you have to pay 20,000 as rent +20000 as security deposit and more 20000 as Brokerage fee. So you must have 60,000 instant amount in your account.

Team of 10BHK.com worked on it to make it easier for the tenants to rent a flat. With whole lot of research We have created a owner and tenant friendly system that allow us to Wave off Brokerage Fee and Customized Furnishing as per tenant requirement, it is directly benefitting the tenants. If you are booking with 10BHK.com Tenants have to pay half of the amount which they are paying earlier.

  • No Brokerage
  • Easy Payment
  • Find your Comfort

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