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Full House Renting
We rent out full houses to Families or a group of friends. Here, the lessee will be an individual who will be responsible for all other tenants in the house. Full houses can be rented out with or without Customised furnishing basis your choice and convenience.
10BHK will pay you the Security Deposit on behalf of the tenant.
10BHK will pay the Security Deposit to you either by cheque or online transfer. We do not deal in cash transactions.
Basis the occupancy of house, 10BHK with process the rent to your bank account before 15th of every month.
No, you don't need to have a fully-furnished house to list with 10BHK.
At the time of signing the Agreement, you will be required to provide a copy of the following documents:
  • 1. PAN card
  • 2. Electricity bill
  • 3. Water bill
  • 4. Maintenance bill
  • 5. Signed copy of insurance form
  • 6. Cancelled cheque
  • 7. Signed agreement
  • 8. Keys of the full house
Visit www.10bhk.com and click on List My Property or call us on 999-00-242-99 to give us your details. Once you share your details, one of the 10BHK representatives will get in touch with you and take you forward on the Listing.
Nothing. It's free to list with 10BHK. What's more? We look for tenants for you.
  • Step 1. You share your details with 10BHK
  • Step 2. 10BHK performs a Property inspection
  • Step 3. We sign the Agreement and begin on-boarding your house on 10BHK
  • Step 4. We take photographs of your house and post the house on our website
  • Step 5. Tenants express interest and schedule a visit to your house
  • Step 6. Once your house matches a tenant's expectation, the tenants seeks your approval and rents out the house.
  • Step 7. 10BHK offers you service and maintenance of your house at free of cost.
Booking confirmation by Owner
  • In all the houses which are under owner’s confirmation policy, tenants need to pay the Security deposit 4 days prior to License start date/Agreement start date and also submit KYC documents(as mentioned in Documents policy) 4 days prior to the move-in date for verification by the Owner. The move-in date will be extended in the event any tenant fails to submit the required document within the above stipulated time.
  • Only the owner of the house has a right to confirm or decline any tenant’s booking. In case the owner decline any tenant’s booking, a notification via SMS, Telephonic Conversation and mail will be sent to the tenant on the same day. When the owner declines any tenant’s booking, the booking will be canceled automatically. Once the booking is declined by the owner, the tenant can opt for any other property listed on 10BHK’s portal or claim for a full refund.
  • In case any tenant uploads invalid documents, 10BHK may reject such invalid documents and extend the move-in date for resubmission of the valid documents by the tenant. Till such time, 10BHK will not cancel the booking and only move-in date will be extended.
  • In case any tenant uploads invalid documents, 10BHK may reject such invalid documents and extend the move-in date for resubmission of the valid documents by the tenant. Till such time, 10BHK will not cancel the booking and only move-in date will be extended.
  • However, houses which are not covered under the owner confirmation policy, as mentioned above, the Security deposit payment and KYC document submission policy remains the same i.e. Security deposit needs to be paid 2 days prior to License start date/Agreement start date and documents need to be submitted 2 days prior to move-in date.
  • Unless explicitly written in one’s agreement, there is an early termination charge that applies if the tenants moves-out before completing 6 months of stay in all 10BHK houses.
  • If the tenant moves out of 10BHK house before completing 6 months of stay, he/she will be required to pay an amount equivalent to one month's rent. The rent here corresponds to the rent on the last occupied house.
  • Tenant has to provide 30-days' of notice while vacating, without exception at any point in time, any shortfall in notice period will be charged on a pro-rata basis where the fees would be equal to the no. of days of shortfall of the 30 day period.
  • For clarity, if a tenant moves out before 6 months of stay & doesn’t give any notice, he/she shall be charged one month rent.
  • If a tenant has not completed 6 months of stay in the house, but he/she has stayed for 6 months continuously in multiple 10BHK managed properties, then a discount of 50% of one month's rent would be given on the early termination charges.

After your license start date, you are required to stay a minimum of 6 months, or you can vacate the house before 6 months after paying one month’s rent as early termination charges.

Some cities may have a different minimum stay. Early Termination Charges were quoted as Lock-in Charges before.

The tenant will be required to pay the following non-refundable charges to 10BHK towards the services mentioned below. Please note that:
  • These charges need to be paid at least 3 days before the license start date/Agreement start date.
  • 10BHK will not be responsible for any delay in police verification or execution of leave and license agreement due to delay from either the Tenant, Owner or the police.
  • If during the tenure of the stay, the tenant shifts to another house managed by 10BHK then the charges will need to be paid again by the tenant..
  • The Society Move-in Charges (Required to be paid to the Society Chairman on behalf of Tenant) , wherever applicable, needs to be paid over and above the current charges.
  • City Charges* Inclusions
    Delhi ₹ 500 1. Leave and License agreement execution charges
    Faridabad ₹ 500 1. Leave and License agreement execution charges
    Ghaziabad ₹ 500 1. Leave and License agreement execution charges
    Gurgaon ₹ 500 1. Leave and License agreement execution charges
  • Security Deposit
    • Tenant needs to pay one months of rent as security deposit (can differ depending on the house & city)
    • Tenant is required to pay a part of the security deposit, referred as the token deposit, at the time of booking.
    • The remainder of Security deposit post booking need to be paid 4 days before the license start date/agreement start date.
    • The security deposit paid is mentioned in the rental agreement.
    • Security / token deposit can be paid online.
    • In the case where a tenant chooses to make an internal transfer or upgrade his/her current booking type, the difference in the amount of security deposit will be expected to be paid by the tenant before him/her making the actual transfer. In case the new rent is lower, the difference in Security Deposit is adjusted against the following month’s rent.

The rent will start from license start date/agreement start date, provided at the time of booking.

The license start date/agreement start date depends on the city & on whether the house requires owner approval.

  • Monthly rent
  • Fixed Furnishing charges
  • Apartment/society maintenance charges wherever applicable (unless mentioned otherwise).
  • Monthly Water charges
  • Monthly Electricity Charges
  • Monthly Cooking Gas charges
  • Monthly DTH and Internet charges
  • Any recurring charges for the maid, cleaning, garbage collection etc
  • Any additional furnishing that’s not part of the 10BHK package
  • Club House or Other Amenities, if charged by the Society, are not included in the 10BHK package and it is at the sole discretion of the Society to allow/not allow tenants to use common society facilities.
  • Anything not mentioned in the “Your Rent Covers” Section "FOOD IS NOT PROVIDED AND NOT INCLUDED IN THE MONTHLY RENT"

*Your booking is confirmed in our system once the token amount is paid for the booking. Once confirmed, you won’t be able to cancel the booking. In case you wish to move out post moving in, which is unfortunate for us, token amount is not refundable.

  • Any cancellation after the move in date shall be considered a move-out and all policies related to move-out shall be applicable.
  • The security deposit shall be refunded, after deduction if any as per 10BHK’s policies, within 7 bank working days from the day of move-out.
  • If the tenant decides to move out before 6 months of stay with 10BHK, one month's rent as early termination charges will be charged, assuming 30-days' notice is given.
  • Tenant has to serve 30 days of notice period without exception, any shortfall in notice period will be charged pro rata based on the shortfall in the number of days from the 30 day notice period.
  • If a tenant moves out within 6 months without giving 30 days of notice, then rent for 1 month will be deducted.
  • Any unpaid rent, utility payments will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • A charge of INR 200 will be deducted towards cleaning of the room, linen change etc. on opting to move out. This is a fixed charge which every tenant will bear upon his/her exit only if the tenant was not charged On-boarding Charges while his/her booking.
  • Tenant has to pay for damages, on actuals, in case there’s some damage to the property or it’s belongings.
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